Cannimal Review: HAWAII PET BEAT

A dog wearing pink sunglasses and a colorful scarf, sitting next to a Cannimal Relax formula bottle, promoting stress and anxiety relief for pets with hemp oil extract.

Julian from Hawaii Pet Beat gave Cannimal a great review!

It’s time for your pup’s to relax and enjoy a stress free moment with a little holistic touch from Cannimal.

Cannimal is “ailment specific animal products combining the healing power of adaptogenic herbs + Hemp Oil Extract”.

Hemp oil which is the non-psychotic element in the cannabis plant is proving to do wonders for many pups suffering from all sorts of injuries, illnesses and stress too. Hemp is NOT marijuana and will NOT make your pup’s high, feel stoned or become addicted.

Cannimal founder and fellow dog lover/owner Erika created this product line after wanting to help one of her pup’s suffering from canine cancer. She found that hemp oil can help the body and mind to achieve a natural balance and help our pets heal and/or treat symptoms without the worry of chemical side effects or damaging any organs with prolong use.

For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to talk about Cannimal’s Relax formula which helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Relax is a hemp extract with passion flower. Passion flower aids the body to “adapt to the effects of stress, fatigue, trauma and anxiety”.

This particular formula peeked my interest with the 4th of July celebrations that just past. After reading more about this product, I jumped at ordering it to try to see if it would help my dog Yuki who is a very Nervous Nelly with any form of loud noises.

The shipping was fast and there is excellent communication from Cannimal too. I gave Yuki and a couple of my other dogs their recommended doses right when I started to hear fireworks. Needless to say I was impressed when none of them seemed to really mind all the goings on outside. Yuki was just a little scared still, but not nearly as bad as I am used to seeing her.

I’ve never had much success with other hemp oils administering them directly into my dog’s mouth because I think they must have tasted awful, but Cannimal has a natural beef flavor! All my dogs took it without a problem.

Along with Yuki, I have started giving some to Julian to treat his compressed disc and to take the edge off of being around other dogs when we go out in public since he’s still working through some stress after being attacked. He’s doing so much better now too.

One of the great things about Cannimal’s website is all the information that is given to you. Erika really lays it all out there for you and she encourages anyone to reach out to her either via email or her social media outlets with questions or concerns. Her top concern is that you get all your questions answered, are properly informed and if you’re not happy with the product, you can get your money back.

Cannimal does have other specific oils like their Relieve for pain and inflammation, Eva’s Blend to help with tumors and canine cancer and also Everyday Wellness to help with daily needs like arthritis, epilepsy, seizures, digestive issues and more.

You can purchase Cannimal here on Oahu at Mr Hemp Honolulu off of School Street or online via their link below.

I highly highly recommend checking out Cannimal’s website to find out all the benefits and ways hemp oil can help your pup or just to get educated on this holistic treatment to aid our pets in so many ways.

~Hawaii Pet Beat

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