Stay Cool Shorty! 5 Tips to Avoid Canine Heat Stroke, Including CBD Tincture for Dogs

Stay Cool Shorty! 5 Tips to Avoid Canine Heat Stroke, Including CBD Tincture for Dogs

Heatstroke is not an uncommon issue for dogs and other pets in summertime.

Don’t underestimate the lightning fast damage that HEAT can do! Make sure to have CBD tincture for dogs on hand at all times.

Here are 5 easy tips to avoid overheated pups this summer:

1. WATER - WATER EVERYWHERE Dogs don’t sweat. They cool off by panting. In intense heat, no amount of panting will cool them down. Always keep water bowls full for drinking. Choose a walk on the beach, visit a local lake or turn a kiddie pool into a puppy pool…and don’t forget cool showers!

2. SCHEDULE WALKS Be smart. Plan your walks early in the AM or late in PM when the temps are below 80-85*.

3. IF YOU CAN’T WALK ON HOT PAVEMENT WITH YOUR BARE FEET YOUR ANIMAL SHOULDN’T EITHER Paws can and will bubble and burn right off on hot pavement. If your pet has light colored paws this is even more dangerous. Use your hands to test pavement temps. Consider the numbers below.

An example of a dog with burnt paws from walking on hot pavement.

 4. FURMINATE! God gave our animals a natural cooling system built right in their bodies! Animal fur serves as both protection from the cold as well as the heat. Rather than cutting off the fur, optimize your dog’s natural cooling system by consistently brushing and thinning your dog’s heavy undercoat with a Furminator!

5. CANINE BACKSEAT DRIVER? STAY HOME! My dog Nina loves to hop in the truck and go with me on all of my errands- in fact she has her own seat and bed for daily cruising! But when it’s over 80* she just has to stay home. If your dog is not a big fan of staying home, make sure to keep the Cannimal RELAX FORMULA on hand to address separation anxiety while you are gone.

6. YOUR THOUGHTFUL WORD COULD SAVE AN ANIMAL’S LIFE Please lovingly speak up to animal guardians you see out with their animals on hot days. Not everyone is aware of the dangers of hot heat for their animal family members.

Have you ever had a dog who experienced heat stroke? Let us know in the comments what you did to help support them.

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