Managing Canine Separation Anxiety: Can CBD for Dogs with Anxiety Help?

Managing Canine Separation Anxiety: Can CBD for Dogs with Anxiety Help?
Are you struggling with your dog's separation anxiety? Have you tried CBD dog treats with anxiety? You're not alone. Research suggests eight out of 10 dogs find it hard to cope when left alone!

Don’t worry! There truly are ways to shift your animal’s stress of being left behind… In fact, research finds that a combination of medication AND behavior modification techniques can significantly alleviate separation-related stress in dogs.

A few simple shifts and you will find your dog feeling secure in your absence! Here are easy steps to help you and your furry friend:
  1. Consider Calming Supplements: Many pet owners are turning to natural alternatives like hemp CBD for dogs with anxiety. If you opt for supplements like Cannimal Relax Formula, make sure to follow the dosage guidelines carefully. Administer the supplement 30 minutes before leaving your dog alone for the best results.
  2. A Walked Dog is a Happy Dog: Use exercise to release pent up energy and boost your dog’s mood. Exercise releases a flood of feel good hormones for your dog’s system.
  3. Leave a Treat: Leave a small amount of your dog's favorite food in a safe place, such as their crate or a designated settling spot or slow feeder. This can provide comfort in your absence.
  4. Say Goodbye Calmly: When leaving, keep your departure low-key. Avoid prolonged goodbyes or excessive attention.
  5. Set Your Intention: What we believe is what we receive! Visualize a calm response from your dog, setting a positive intention for your absence.
  6. Monitor Remotely: Use a remote camera to observe your dog's behavior while you're away. Stay grounded and neutral, and return home when your dog starts to show signs of concern.
  7. Return Calmly: When you come back, maintain a neutral demeanor. Avoid rewarding overly excited behavior or scolding anxious behavior. Consistency is key in modifying behavior.
  8. Be Consistent: Regularly practice these techniques and gradually increase the duration of your absences. Remember, dogs thrive on routine, so stick to a consistent schedule.
By following these simple steps and incorporating medication as needed, you can effectively manage separation anxiety in your dog. Remember, consistency is key, and with patience and dedication, you can help your furry friend feel more secure and relaxed when you're away.

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