About Erika Valentina Doria

I’m passionate about helping animal guardians find safe, effective solutions for their dogs, cats and horses.

With over 5 yrs experience in the Cannabis industry. I am a sought after expert and consultant on animals and CBD. Among my clients, I have worked closely with many brands including both Barkbox and Cesar Milan.

Along with many years dedicated specifically to the CBD industry, my life has been dedicated to animals. I am a third generation horse woman who professionally trained horses for almost 10 years. 

As a trained yogini with over 25 years of committed meditation and yoga practice, I am deeply influenced by a holistic approach to health, wellness and consciousness. 

Eva Chan- the cattle dog in the photo above- is the inspiration behind Cannimal. She died in 2014 from Hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive, malignant Cancerous tumor of blood vessel cells.. Read more of our story here.


Inspecting Hemp Farms in Colorado. 

With Max, 3rd Generation purebred Arabian stallion bred by my family in southern California.


BarkBox Summit 2018


"I believe the future of medicine influenced by the Cannabis plant will be something truly revolutionary. Technology will allow us to explore long-overdue research as well as create unique delivery systems for plant based cannabinoid medicine. Cannabis in all her forms (Hemp, Medical Cannabis, etc) will fundamentally shift our concept of good health as well as our consciousness.

No plant on the planet has the unique ability to do this the way Cannabis can.

We are still in the very earliest stages of learning what Cannabis and all of her cannabinoids can do. Sharing our collective experience (and our animal's experience) is fundamental to the evolution of this healing plant, as it has been for the 1000's of years rooted in herbal folk medicine. I see myself as a conduit for this information- in both gathering the experiences from the Cannimal community as well as sharing pertinent, useful information that will help your animal FEEL GOOD NOW." ~Erika 



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This is our number one question here at Cannimal. That's why we have become known as a reliable, no nonsense source of good information and great products- that produce results! The first place to start when asking about dosing CBD is The Cannimal Dosing Protocol. This is a step by step guide to understanding the amount of CBD in our products, how much your animal may need and how to administer it effectively.

If you have a an animal with special needs or need more help, our customers find value with our 1:1 consultations!

Ofcourse! All of our products have a linked COA or you can see them all on this page.

Yes, most likely. All mammals have an Endocannabinoid system but they may react to CBD or other cannabinoids differently than a dog or human. We recommend you consult your veterinarian first. Learn more about the Endocannabinoid system on our blog here.

Absolutely. The main difference between these 2 formulas is simply the added herbs. Some of our customers administer Cannimal’s Relieve Formula on a daily basis for chronic pain and our Relax Formula for acute moments of stress and anxiety.

Absolutely! Our products are human grade, formulated with Organic, NonGMO ingredients. We use no added flavors or fake additives.

The word pet means ‘a tame animal kept as a companion.’ While this is not a negative connotation, here at Cannimal we prefer the word animal friend… We feel animals are more than just pets, they are beings who deserve the respect, loyalty and care they so often show us.