Gold Concentrate 800

Gold Concentrate 800

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100% natural and organic.

Each sterile syringe contains over 800 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract. Plain. Simple. And POTENT.

This highly concentrated oil is made for animals who need high dose treatment for cancer, tumors, high pain, and stress. 

1 rice grain size per dose = Appx 20mg per dose.

Again please note this product has 800mg of Hemp Oil Extract per 1gm vs Cannimal's tinctures have 150-250mg of Hemp Oil Extract per bottle plus herbs/adaptogens.

For those treating cancer or extreme pain and inflammation, we recommend using both the Eva's Blend Cancer Support Formula along with the Full Spectrum HEMP OIL CONCENTRATE. AM and PM.

Syringe makes it easy to dispense and dose oil.

Directions: Twist off end, dispense onto your finger and apply to gums. Or simply warm and add to your favorite Cannimal tincture product (such as Relax, Relieve, or Eva's Blend) for higher dose per milliliter.

No fillers like glycerin or propylene glycol.

Solventless super-critical CO2 extracted.

Syringe makes it easy to dispense and dose oil

NO re-introduced terpenes - Oil is high in terpenes and vitamins.

Smells, "acts" and tastes like honey, pine sap, anise, and spicy/earthy.

Naturally sugar and gluten free - Available in 1 gram (1 mL/cc) size -

Lab tested to ensure quality and potency. PESTICIDE FREE!