The Truth About Artificial Flavors in Pet Food and CBD Treats for Dogs with Anxiety

The Truth About Artificial Flavors in Pet Food and CBD Treats for Dogs with Anxiety

Is the Chicken flavor in your animal’s food actually made from Chicken?

In the world of dog or cat food and supplements, the term "beef flavored" or “chicken flavor” may not be as straightforward as it seems, especially when considering CBD treats for dogs with anxiety.

Many people believe a meat flavor is an ingredient made from real “meat” drippings. This could be farther from the truth! In fact, flavors are often made from ingredients unrelated to meat. Are these artificial flavors a potential cause of your animal’s health issues?

Colored kibble? Consider the source of colors and flavors in your animal’s diet.

The Flavor Rule
The Flavor Rule is a term the pet food industry uses to define and label their products as "beef or chicken flavored." The rule seems to be that as long as the dog can detect that meaty taste, regardless of the actual source, the industry can say the item is “flavored.” This flavor could include actual real beef or chicken, beef or chicken meal, beef or chicken by-products, other animals that taste like beef or chicken as well as ‘flavors’ produced artificially in a laboratory.

Deciphering the "Natural" Conundrum
The term "natural" on pet food labels can be misleading, especially when it comes to flavors. According to the FDA, pet foods often contain "digests," treated with heat, enzymes, and/or acids to form concentrated natural flavors. For instance, a "chicken digest" can be used to create a "Chicken Flavored Cat Food," even without actual chicken in the ingredients.

This means that dog food companies can claim their products are natural as long as the flavor comes from a plant, animal, or even a mined source, and the chemical flavor is produced naturally. In some cases, this involves extracting flavors from animal products or chemically producing them, concentrating the flavors, and then incorporating them into the dog food.

Some pet food makers even use "proprietary" flavorings, developed in-house, with undisclosed ingredients.

Unpacking "Made with Natural Flavors"
When you see "Made with Natural Flavors" on a dog food label, deciphering its meaning becomes challenging, especially when selecting cbd tincture for dogs. Checking the content label might not provide clarity, as it often lists "Natural Flavors" without detailing the sources. Some pet food makers even use "proprietary" flavorings, developed in-house, with undisclosed ingredients.

To add complexity, the FDA notes that "artificial flavors are rarely used in pet foods." Consequently, the declaration of "All Natural" on dog food labels can be confusing, as many pet foods on the market are just as likely to use "natural flavors."

Health Considerations for Dogs & Cats
Artificial or what I will call faux flavor in animal foods, treats, and supplements can pose health risks for our furry friends, especially when it comes to selecting CBD treats for dogs with anxiety. The high sodium content accompanying these flavorings is linked to health issues such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in dogs. Additionally, the synthetic nature of these flavors may not align with a dog's nutritional needs, potentially impacting their overall well-being.

Got allergies? Is it possible the ingredients in these flavors- such as nuts or palm oil -may cause allergic reactions that are hard to pin down or control causing a cascade of immune responses?

Navigating the Animal Food Aisle
In a market filled with ambiguous labeling practices, taking the time to understand what goes into your dog's food is crucial.

Here at Cannimal we add no artificial flavors, dyes, or additives to our formulas. All ingredients are natural, NON-GMO nor include flavors of any kind!

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