5 Signs Your Dog Dad is a Keeper

Here at Cannimal it seems that when a dog or cat dad is looking for a healing product for his dog or cat he is always thorough, asks the right questions, and wants to make sure the product is absolutely safe for his kids...

Here at Cannimal we take that request seriously- all of our products are human grade: that means our ingredients are organic (even our MCT carrier oil is organic which few companies use-if any), we only source non GMO, and we test every batch to make sure it is pesticide, toxin and metal free for your furry family member. 

In an ode to our lovable dog and cat dads we present 

"5 Signs your Dog Dad is a KEEPER."

1. He is a great snuggler.

Sometimes even lets you sleep under the sheets.

2. He knows just the right things to say. 

"Sit. Stay. Good boy. I love you."

3. He's an excellent chauffeur.

And will even take the seats out of the car for you, designating 3 different rugs for your comfort.

4. He takes you on excellent adventures. 

No adventure is too big. No mountain too tall. No Hollywood sign too weird.

5. He is ready for anything.

Even if it involves wearing pink. For you anything.

Our Products are Dog and Cat Dad Approved.

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