5 Potential Effects of Cannabis Rescheduling on CBD Tincture for Dogs

5 Potential Effects of Cannabis Rescheduling on CBD Tincture for Dogs

The recent buzz surrounding the DEA's decision to reschedule hemp and cannabis brings forth a wave of excitement and hope, particularly within the realm of pet wellness. This reclassification holds significant promise for the growing market of hemp CBD products, such as CBD for dogs with anxiety, tailored for our furry companions. Here are five potential effects that this reclassification could have on hemp CBD products for pets:

1. Clearer Roadmap for Veterinarians
Rescheduling could provide a clearer (ie. truly legal) roadmap for decision-making by medical providers regarding animal use.

2. Increased Access to CBD
Pet owners may have easier access to hemp CBD products, such as CBD dog treats for anxiety, for their furry friends such as in more retail stores, online, and in veterinary offices. This volume will potentially lead to more affordable and better options.

3. Accelerated Research Opportunities
Rescheduling could pave the way for increased research into CBD's effects on animals, leading to better understanding, new product innovations and ensuring CBD safety for pets.

4. More Insurance Coverage
Did you know Hemp products are already covered by some Pet Insurance companies?! Some of our customers are already using it to pay for their purchases. With cannabis rescheduling, there may be a possibility of expanded insurance coverage for CBD treatments for pets.

5. Ease on Banking Restrictions, Taxes, and Marketing Opportunities for Hemp Businesses
Did you know Cannimal can’t place regular ads on Facebook or Instagram? Did you know Hemp companies can’t qualify for SBA loans or standard business financing? As CEO, being able to tap into these closed channels would be a game changer.

It's important to note that the shift to Schedule III is not fully in effect until the White House reviews the new rule, followed by a public comment period and a final review by an administrative judge.

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