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Meet Gaston!

Gaston's #dogmom Juniette had never used CBD before and was very skeptical. She heard about a live interview with Erika, Cannimal's Founder, listened in on our live call a few weeks ago with @tazthedogmom, asked some great questions and decided to give Cannimal a try... 


Here's her story: *We rescued Gaston at 5 months from a kill shelter in January of 2016. He had kennel cough, giardia, and worms. From then on he’s had to battle several health issues. He tore his acl on that knee last year in June. He has a lateral suture surgery. But his vet failed to mention that this was a temporary fix.


He then blew his right acl and had surgery on the right knee last September and that knee recovered great because we decided to see a specialist and he performed a TPLO surgery. We then decided to revisit the left knee since we saw that the lateral suture procedure was not working out for him. We did the TPLO on his left at the end of March and The surgeon also removed the meniscus.

You should see how well he walked right now on his walk when I got home! I’m so glad that my friend told me to look into cbd oil and came across your product- Juniette, Gaston’s Dogmom

Two weeks after surgery we thought things were going great and then we noticed his knee had gotten very swollen. Something that didn’t happen with the first knee. And that’s when we found out that he had developed patellar tendonitis. It’s been 8 weeks since his surgery, and 6 weeks since he developed the tendonitis. We get new x-rays next week and expect major improvement!

Gaston uses Cannimal's Relieve Formula...
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