How much CBD does my animal need?



Get the most out of your investment in CBD.  

Dosing is one of the most common questions- here at Cannimal we recommend you always "titrate up"- meaning start with the lowest recommended dose and go up from there based on observation of your pet's response.

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Cannabinoids (CBD AND THC) interact with the Endocannabinoid system. This system of receptors is all over the body- but most are in the brain, gut, and skin. This system regulates homeostasis or "balance" in the body.

The endocannabinoid system may be "activated" differently at different times- and can vary from animal to animal. Please keep in mind: every animal will have a unique endocannabinoid system- ie. one dog who weighs 20 pounds may need 2-3x more than another dog who weighs 20 pounds! This is why close observation and consistent dosing is extremely important when supplementing an animal with CBD.

5 Keys to Successfully Dosing Cannimal's CBD Formulas

  1. Start with a low dose- for small animals under 40 pounds start with 1 pump twice a day of our 150mg formulas. For larger animals over 40 lbs, start with 2 pumps twice a day of our 250mg formula. 

Our 150mg product is appx 2.5 mg per pump.

Our 250mg product is appx 5mg per pump.

Our 2000mg Equine product is appx 40mg per ml. 


2. Apply directly in mouth- placing CBD in food lowers it's bioavailability. Use our pump bottle to administer directly in mouth or let them lick out of a bowl. 

Ingesting CBD in food or a treat, despite being the easiest method of delivery,

is not particularly efficient at absorbing CBD in high concentrations

and can take as long as two hours to work. 


If you have not had good results with ANY CBD product, this may be the reason.

STOP putting it in your animal’s food.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a study, (Ujvary and Hanus, 2016), detailing how the liver metabolizes CBD compounds. Called the “first pass effect”, CYP450 oxidases enzymes in the liver, which have mixed functions, break CBD down, reducing cannabidiol concentration significantly before sending the leftovers to the bloodstream.


Cannimal does not use glass droppers. WHY? Glass droppers can break in the mouth and also run the risk of cross contamination of your very valuable investment.

3. Observe- keep a close eye on your animal's reaction. Wait 30 minutes.

(30 minutes is the CLINICALLY PROVEN ONSET for Cannabidiol (CBD).)

Look for what I call The Relaxation Response.

  1. Muscle Tone Softens

  2. Ears and eyes get softer, quieter, less fidget-y.

4. If your animal seems to have no relaxation response, administer a 2nd dose.

This desired “RELAXATION RESPONSE” applies to both pain and anxiety (How do you feel after your pain is relieved? Do you feel more relaxed? Do you feel more relieved?)

Keep titrating up (giving another small dose) every 30 minutes until you get a desired response- this is your animals’ baseline dose.

5. Be consistent - for best results administer Cannimal CBD formulas everyday at the same time. 

Chronic conditions such as pain and inflammation may take up to 7 days of consistent administration before you see improved mobility.


6. Take an active role in your animal's healing- watch for signs of improvement and titrate up (or down) based on your observations.

*Remember no 2 animals are the same. CBD is not a pharmaceutical drug created to produce a "generic" response. CBD works with the Endocannabinoid System- which may need more or less activation on a daily basis based on its current state of "homeostasis."

Learn more about the Endocannabinoid System here.


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